How to Run a Successful Business

We started Medibusiness because we believe that Health Professionals can, and should, be able to run a successful business.  We also know, as business owners and health professionals ourselves, that this can be a challenge, but as Health Professionals, there is no challenge too great, we are excellent problem solvers.  


In fact, once your business is open, you will find it is not that difficult to run, often the difficulties lie in not knowing where to start, not knowing how to optimise or grow your business, or not knowing how to plan for the future.  


In reality, a business is no more than the people, systems and processes you've established to make it run. 


There should be time for life outside of your business, and your business should be there to support your life, and your family.  As a Health Professional, you don't just start a business to make money, you also start a business to provide a service.  We enable you, and support you, to achieve all of your goals, excellence in clinical care, great lifestyle, and profit.


We created the 6 Stages of Business, for medical businesses, this relates to the entire life cycle of your business, each with different emphasis on people, systems and processes.
  1. Start it (or Re-start it) – how to envision your business, what you need to do or change to turn it into a reality
  2. Set it up – the practical aspects of business, financial, operational set up
  3. Support it – medical staff management, reporting and legal requirements
  4. Systematise it – Business: IT, accounting, HR, patient management, suppliers, office management and financial management. Personal: managing time, holidays, and family expectations
  5. Scale it – Locking down the current function and growing a health business. Creation of multiple sources of income
  6. Sell it (or Share it) – Preparing the business for sale, or for part-purchase by another practitioner
Knowing how and what to do, at the right time, will enable you to achieve all of your goals.
Whichever stage your business is at, we can help.  Which stage can you relate to most at the present time?  
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