Quarterly Report to Directors

Part of the Essential Templates for Practice Managers collection


Quarterly Report to Directors

Interactive template

  • Interactive Word template automatically calculates and formats your report
  • Also available in standard Word and PDF formats

Prepared by the Practice Manager, this template is intended to give the Directors a quarterly view of the business. This can then be compiled into an annual report, if required. 

This report covers the following areas:

  •  Patient Cohort
  •  Patient Billing
  •  Accounts Receivable
  •  Expenses
  •  Marketing
  •  Staff Profile
  •  Recruiting

Designed by experts behind Medical Business Management, this template will ensure you are reporting on all vital areas of a successful practice.

As a Director, it will allow you to scale your time and efforts whilst keeping tabs on the business.

Why spend hours developing and refining your own? Save time and use our reporting templates to make sure you have not overlooked any critical business element!

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The Quarterly Report to Directors is part of the Essential Templates for Practice Managers collection. These reports form the backbone of a successful reporting cycle in a well run medical practice: