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Human Resources: The Fiddes Group

"HR Advice that Makes your Business Better"

Founded in 2014, The Fiddes Group provides expert Human Resource advice and guidance to help businesses implement essential staffing strategies, policies and processes to manage everything from the day-to- day staffing questions up to difficult staffing issues all while providing business with the information they need to ensure they are legally compliant.

After many years working in HR and Management, Founder and Director Nyree Fiddes saw a gap in the market for small-to- medium size businesses who needed consistent and ongoing HR services, but not a permanent HR team on the payroll to achieve this goal. 

Nyree is passionate about HR as a business tool, and the benefits of flexible work practices for small-to- medium size businesses. Nyree knows that strategic HR will make your business better. She has a Masters Degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and is a chartered member of Australian Human Resources Institute. 

The Fiddes Group has expertise in reducing staff turnover, developing workforce strategies, building policies and process to support business strategic goals and performance management. The Fiddes Group is committed to helping businesses create flourishing workplaces where people achieve job satisfaction in a supportive environment.

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